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Izdevniecība "Apvārsnis" piedāvā

Houskas pils anomālijas

Noslēpumainu notikumu apvīta pils Čehijā.

Atrašanās vieta. Atrodas ziemeļos no Prāgas, mežos.

Vēsture. Uzcēlis Bohēmijas ķēniņš Otokārs II XIII gs.

Anomālistika. Pilij nav bijis kādas stratēģiskas nozīmes, bet gan tā celta uz cauruma zemē, lai nosprostotu eju uz pašu Elli.
Folklorā ar to saistās daudz tumšu notikumu - piemēram, cilvēku upurēšanas. Cietumnieki no cauruma iznākuši jau veci un traki.
XX gs. 30.gados vācu nacisti pilī veikuši okultus eksperimentus ar starpdimensionāliem portāliem. Vēlāk renovācijas darbos tikuši uzieti trīs vācu kareivju ķermeņi ar vardarbīgas nāves pazīmēm.

Houska Castle, and most specifically the chapel, was constructed over a large hole in the ground that is allegedly a "gateway to Hell", which was allegedly so deep no one could see the bottom of it.[6] Animal-human hybrids were reported to have crawled out of it, and dark-winged, otherworldly creatures flew in its vicinity. Legend has it that when construction began in the castle, all of the prisoners that were sentenced to death were offered a pardon if they consented to be lowered by rope into the hole, and report back on what they saw. When the first person was lowered, he began screaming after a few seconds, and when pulled back to the surface he looked as if he had aged 30 years. He had grown wrinkles and his hair had turned white.[7]

According to the Prague Tourism web site, the castle is reputed to have various types of ghosts, "a bullfrog/human creature, a headless horse, and an old woman" as well as the remains of "demonic beasts who escaped the pit".[7]

The castle was not built as a residence or as a protective sanctuary, but was instead built because the hole was thought to be a gateway to hell. Thus, by constructing the Gothic building's defensive walls facing inward, they were able to keep the demons trapped in the lower level's thickest walls closest to the hole of the castle.[6][11]

The Travel Channel series "Legendary Locations" covered several sites in Season 2, Episode 4, including the castle "said to protect a portal to hell".[12]

Houska Castle was featured on an episode of Ghost Hunters International which aired on SyFy on 22 July 2009. Most Haunted Live visited the castle on March 26, 2010. The French team of paranormal investigators, R.I.P recherches investigations paranormal, investigated the Castle in 2013 in their episode "The Hell Gate" (Episode 3, Season 2).[13]

This folklore was also the basis for the Doctor Who graphic novel Herald of Madness (2019), which is set at Houska Castle and was first published in Doctor Who Magazine 535-539.